Little Obama

The story of Obama’s childhood in Indonesia has been engraved deeply into his friends' memory. Outstanding and unique, Barry brought himself into various funny, weird, yet touching experiences. Being different, he tried hard to adjust to his new neighborhood and do well in school. However, still, he sometimes got bullied. Luckily, there were Slamet and Yuniadi, his neighbors who kept him company. They became a solid team despite their own childlike disputes. Their friendship was strengthened through badminton, ping-pong, and monopoly games, and glued when they had to face the same opponents together: the tough kids, in a soccer match. Finally, after making it through these hardships, Barry was accepted by his friends. He even became an idol on the basketball field.

This novel gives inspiration for those who are different and feel lonely in society. Who knows, because of your uniqueness, someday, you may also become a president. ;)

     ISBN / EAN
     Author Damien Dematra
     Pages 0
     Dimension (mm)

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