In The Name Of God I Became a Terrorist

Kemala is a beautiful and innocent orphaned medical school student, who comes from the suburbs of West Java, and was raised in a mix of love and heartache by her mother's friend. Longing for God to fulfill the emptiness inside of her, she is introduced by Rafa, her best friend at school, to an organization who later leads them both into making an oath, solely and faithfully to the group. They are lead to believe that the blood of people outside their group is anathema (haram) and therefore, they are permitted to rob and harm these people accordingly. Kemala is soon entrapped in a situation leading her into a deadly web of terrorism, as she is brained-washed in a remote area. She begins to embrace the belief that all non-Muslim people are profaner (kafir), especially those who come from Western countries. She becomes so wrapped within the teachings she has been following, that she becomes militant willingly ready to give up her life for the cause of Islam.

Prakasa, a special anti-terror agent, is a skeptical, cynical, and cold hearted man who never falls in love due to his childhood of hardship, that is until he must confront Kemala during an undercover mission, he starts to struggle with his own feelings, and finally has to make the ultimate decision, between life and death.


     ISBN / EAN
     Author Damien Dematra
     Pages 0
     Dimension (mm)

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