If Only I Could Hear ( English )


When Fortuna Guerrero de la Cruz was nine, her family ran from Mexico to the State. On the border, Alejandro, her father was caught, and they were separated. Because Serafina, her mother, doesn't want to spoil Alejandro's dream, she takes Fortuna and runs to Austin where they endure a hard life.
When Fortuna was in her teen, Alejandro is shot to death accidentally. Since then, Serafina’s life becomes dark, and her health starts to deteriorate along with her dead wish to follow her husband.
Beautiful and smart, Fortuna, who firmly believes in God, always tries to listen to her heart despite of her poverty. She has to face crossroads in her life, between keeping her scholarship and taking good care of her dying mother, and at the same time, dealing with three men who are madly in love with her: a rich college boy, a Sicilian boss, and a grave half-handicapped middle-aged man.

     ISBN / EAN
     Author Damien Dematra
     Pages 0
     Dimension (mm)

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